Creating WooCommerce Coupon In Easy Steps!

Due to its convenience and variety in products, eCommerce has now made it easier and easier for customers to find the best deals online. This makes them become more sensitive to any differences in price from several websites compared. Therefore, turning your business into a huge bargain in order to attract new customers should be your top priority. For this reason, I am going to show you how to do just that simply by creating coupon promotions for your shop on WooCommerce.

To create a coupon, all you need to do is click WooCommerce Couponfrom within the WordPress dashboard, then select Add Coupon.

On the left-hand side of the page, you can see there are three tabs available for modifying coupons: General, Usage Restriction, and Usage Limits:


General Coupon Tab

With the General Coupon Tab, you can specify what kind of discount you are offering. This current version of WooCommerce supports four discount types:

  • Cart Discount – a fixed discount on your whole shopping cart
  • Cart % Discount – a percentage discount on your whole shopping cart
  • Product Discount – a fixed discount on a certain product(s)
  • Product % Discount – a percentage discount on a certain product(s)

Below, you must specify the Coupon amount.

If you picked one of the percentage options, the number used here will determine the percentage discount rate. If you selected a fixed discount, it will determine the amount of money off in your store’s default currency. I added ‘25′ in this field, which means I’m giving a $25 discount on the regular price.

You can also offer free shipping option with a valid code, simply by checking the Allow free shipping box.

At the bottom of the page, you can set an expiry date for your coupon, which is useful when running timely promotions. The date can be selected from a calendar as well.

Usage Restrictions Tab

In the Usage Restrictions tab, you have to impose specific requirements for your coupon.

First off, you can set which minimum/maximum amount of money customers have to spend to make the coupon valid – e.g. ‘10% off orders over $100’ promotions.

You can also tick the checkboxes to limit to one coupon code per order and restrict the coupon from being applied to on sale items – both are recommended.

You can also set up the code to apply to/exclude certain products and categories. This first option is relevant to the coupon I’m configuring, which is a $25 discount on a PlayStation 4. While finding the product name can be an issue, WooCommerce provides a way to find your products more easily: You can either enter the first three letters of your product name or the product ID.

Setting up Usage Restrictions is completely clear, as WooCommerce includes a helpful info tip for more information about each field as well.

Usage Limits Tab

The final tab you need to modify in order to finish creating a coupon is the Usage Limits Tab.

This tab allows you to limit how many times your coupon can be used – either per customer or total uses. With this tab configured, the coupon will expire either after my Usage limit or the specified Expiry date — whichever comes first.

When you’re done setting up, click on Publish.

Final result

After following the steps, your customers should be able to save a given amount of money off a specific product. In the photos below, it would be a $25 off coupon of a PlayStation 4.

After applying the coupon code, it should look something like this, with $25 being subtracted from the total and free shipping is available:

As you can see, creating a coupon can be fairly easy and uncomplicated with WooCommerce. However, if you want some other advanced options, there are some great options for coupon plugins out there that you can use – about which there will be an article soon.